fatal: refusing to merge unrelated histories

When you already have some thing in your git repo for example you created a git repo on github with readme file and then tried to push your local code first time to that github repo. So github repo already has a commit, it will force you to first pull it to your local code … Continue reading fatal: refusing to merge unrelated histories

Adding local code to github

Github is a great source of sharing your code with other developers. It allows you to create free repositories online. Follow the steps below to create a repo on github and upload your code to that repo to make it public Go to GitHub and create account there or login. Create a new repo by hitting the … Continue reading Adding local code to github

Repair git

Git recovery/repair is very easy just try commands below git init git fsck git gc --auto git reset --hard these above steps also fix git errors like *** Error in `git': corrupted double-linked list: 0x09c45208 ***