Setting up vue-cli in docker

To setup vue-cli in docker we need nodejs and vue-cli 3. We are going to use docker-compose.yml to setup docker, paste following to your docker-compose.yml file docker-compose.yml Paste following into Dockerfile Dockerfile Now we have docker files setup, lets build the docker images After docker is built login into docker container using container id and … Continue reading Setting up vue-cli in docker

Import/Restore MongoDB Backup from gz file

MongoDB tools provide some awesome utilities like mongoimport, mongoexport and mongorestore. Database dump can be easily imported/restored using mongorestore as follow. You may restore dump to a specific database as well.

Fix magento Warning: Error while sending QUERY packet

You may encounter some error like below when installing magento with sample data [ERROR] exception 'Exception' with message 'Warning: Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=227012 Fix: That error is because of low max_allowed_packet  configuration in your php.ini file, open your local (project level) php.ini file and add following For more info on magento level php.ini configuration … Continue reading Fix magento Warning: Error while sending QUERY packet