Wallpapers not showing in pantheon

Default path for wallpapers in pantheon is /usr/share/backgrounds/pantheon but when it is installed as a desktop in linux i.e arch linux its wallpapers are installed at /usr/share/backgrounds/elementary instead. Desktop settings > background / wallpaper will try to find /usr/share/backgrounds/pantheon but may not be able to find. The workaround is to create a symlink Close settings … Continue reading Wallpapers not showing in pantheon

Auto switching wireless profiles in Arch Linux

Please follow steps below to auto switch your wireless network profiles. This is useful when you frequently switch between your wireless networks i.e home and office. 1. Install wpa_actiond, dialog and wpa_supplicant 2. Create profile using wifi-menu   It will display a wifi network selection, choose your network and provide password. Save the profile. Repeat … Continue reading Auto switching wireless profiles in Arch Linux