4 thoughts on “Easy installing arch linux UEFI dual boot with windows

  1. kasunherath97 says:

    Thanks for the guide. It’s very useful.

    But now, when installing xserver “xorg-server-utils” need to be replaced with “xorg-apps” to install it.

  2. psychocod3r says:

    A lot of those commands I’m not familiar with. wifi-menu looks particularly interesting. I sometimes run Arch from a live CD (have never actually attempted an installation) and I have to set up the networking each time I boot. When I was reading the Arch Wiki about how to connect to a secured wireless network, it seemed rather complicated, because you have to know exactly what ciphers and cryptographic protocols the access point uses, which can become a problem if you’re not on your own network and don’t have physical access to the access point.

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