Magento is yet a powerful e-commerce solution along with a CMS. Though magento has it’s own way to create pages and add them to navigation so it is a bit different from wordpress.

Magento doesn’t let you add your pages to navigation menu, to add a page to navigation menu you have to take help of category (magento by default adds categories to navigation menu) and static blocks.

Lets create a new CMS page and add it to navigation.

1. Create a new static block, CMS > static block > add new block
Provide your page contents in that cms block and save it

2. Create a new sub category under your desired category, catalog > manage categories > click on desired main category in which you want to create a sub category, sub category name should be as you want to see it in menu

New Category
New Sub Category

Notice red rectangle, this tells magento to include this category to navigation menu.

Now you got to associate category to static block you created in first step, click “Display Settings” tab on right as below


in “Display Mode” select the “Static block only”

and from “CMS Block” below, select the block you created in first step.

Save the category and refresh your front page it will be showing their as a menu option and clicking on that link will show your page contents.

That’s it.